When you’re in México and it’s time to say goodbye to your new friends, there’s a lot of options in mexican slang. Check it out!

How to say goodbye in México?

In this list you’ll find some casual ways to say goodbye among mexicans and it’s meaning:

  • Nos vemos – See you.
  • Adiós. – Goodbye.
  • Cuídate. – Take care
  • Hasta pronto. – See you soon.
  • Cámara. – (Literally: Camera) Chilango slang. This word does’t have any context for say goodbye but It’s like a way to say everything it’s OK.
  • Aquí se rompió una taza y cada quien para su casa. – (Literally: Here broke a cup and everyone go home) It’s a rhyme, frecuently use when party it’s over.
  • Ahí nos vidrios.(Literally: Vidrio means glass) Chilango slang, this word sounds like Nos vemos.
  • Bygon. – I know. Baygon is a brand right? Chilango slang, because it sounds like bye.
  • ¿Tienes tele?, pues ahí te ves.(Literally: Got tv? See you.) Chilango slang to say see you.
  • Hasta luego. – See you later.
  • Ciao. – Very common to use it in México.
  • Bye. – Very common to use it in México.
  • Hasta la vista. – See you. Don’t use it unless you’re an android. Maybe you remember this quote: Hasta la vista, baby 😉

Now you know some different ways to say “adios amigos”. Wich’s your favorite?

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