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What does chingón mean?

Chingón is one of the MOST popular slang terms in Mexico.

First, let’s begin talking about the word Chingar. Probably one of the most used words by mexicans, with wide range of variations and meanings.

The meaning of chingón

Chingón means awesome, very good, or cool.

It also use to describe an admirable person, someone who is very very good doing something.

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Chingón: examples of use

How to use chingón. Check it out.

  • Eres un amigo chingón . – You’re a great friend.
  • Mi hermana es una chingona en su trabajo. – My sister is very good at her job.
  • Estos tacos están chingones. – This tacos are fuckin’ great.
  • ¡Qué chingón! – That’s awesome!
  • Tu coche esta chingón. – Your car is so cool.

Now you know the meaning of chingón. Are you one?

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What does chingón mean?
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